Maddie Grace - Carrollton High School Senior

Our very first senior of this great Class of 2019 Senior Season is sweet Maddie Grace!

Maddie Grace attends Carrollton High School and is absolutely thriving in her young career as an artist. She is an old soul filled with grace, beauty, giggles, and style. She loves to paint obviously, but she also has the most incredible family that you can just tell that she loves with her whole heart! While planning we discussed shoots in a gallery, in a studio, and in some high end apartments in ATL so I had lots of fun ideas for this day!

I won't lie, I was super nervous when Maddie Grace and her mom texted me about shooting in their garage... but when they sent me photos of the set up that they had spent the week creating, my artistic soul was set on fire! I mean WOW, what a BEAUTIFUL setting! ...And boy did it reflect MG perfectly! We shared tons of giggles, tried on a bunch of outfits (that I secretly envied), and listened to some good music... so overall we had a blast!

This is only one of MG's shoots, and it makes me excited not only to see what we do together next, but it makes me so pumped for the 2019 year altogether! This group of gals are so creative and I can't wait to share what is next! 

Laura Kate WithamComment