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welcome seniors...

Our goal at here is to create and capture moments that reflect who you are in this season of your life as authentically and naturally as we can. We want your friends and family to see your photos and think that they are beautiful because they reflect who you are, not because they reflect who we are.

Friends, trends, and seasons all change, but this phase of life is a big one that should be captured as authentically! I can't wait to meet you, plan out the perfect experience, and capture this season's most authentic and beautiful you!


meet the photographer

Hey there! My name is Laura Kate and I am the owner and photographer here at LK Photo. I have been taking senior photos seriously now for around three years, and I absolutely love it! (Don't tell the others, but Seniors are my favorite.) I love all things sunny and bright (which most people may not know because I wear so much black), I can't ever turn down big bear hugs from the people I love, and my very favorite thing about life is getting to know and be known by all of you wonderful humans! I have two little pups, May and Dallas, who are crazy and occupy most of my time when I am not working, and I am not currently enrolled in school so that I can focus my time on all of you beautiful humans. My clients really do make life colorful for me on days when the colors are fading. I am so grateful for every opportunity that I have to show someone the beauty that they may not always see in themselves (but that is often noticed by many). Oh!! And I absolutely cannot wait to have the opportunity to meet YOU!


We can't wait to book with you...



what to expect:

We are aware that most high school seniors only have the experience of instagram when it comes to modeling... And we get that.

We start by getting to know you at a meeting or two as well as  through a Pinterest board custom made by you! We really want to create an experience that is comfortable, stress free, and fun! We will walk with you step by step to plan out outfits and locations, play your favorite songs while we explore the location we choose, and you are completely welcome to bring a pet, a parent, or even a pal to make you giggle a bit! 

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