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our vision...


Our vision for capturing weddings is to really get to know our couples and their vision for the perfect day! The more I know, the more help I can be in the beautiful and wonderful (and often stressful) day that you are planning. My style is your style, and I would love to help you create a wedding designed to be beautifully captured and enjoyed!



about the photographer


My name is Laura Kate (but I go by LK), and I have been photographing weddings now for around three years now! I have had experience interning with fine art companies, and I have had experience partnering with other companies to capture beautiful days. I have had the privilege of photographing over fifteen weddings in the past three years and I value every one!

So let's get personal:

I love all things soft, musical, colorful, light and I absolutely can not say no to a bear hug from people that I love. I would rather have fried okra than chocolate, I have two dogs that I love with my entire heart, and my absolute favorite part of life is knowing and being known by others!

So that's a lot about me... I'm ready to meet YOU!